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Safest Guideposts & Delineation Products.
We manufacture in Australia & supply virtually unbreakable posts, signs of all sizes, bollards, lane dividers and accessories worldwide. Contact us to find out how our products can benefit you.
roadside products

Roadside Products

Our products are made from high tensile materials, corrosion proof, UV resistant, impact resistant and vandal resistant. They include guide posts, bollards, signs and frames, lane dividers, anti-glare products, delineators, accessories and fittings.

road safety

Road Safety

Our product safety is the highest possible and intrinsic to the design and materials used. They resist high impact forces but when the force is overwhelming the products deform to absorb impact and then recover to their original shape. There are no sharp edges or parts to catch or injure.

save money

Saving You Money

With a 10 year guarantee, our products massively reduce your maintenance and replacement costs in addition to reducing the risk of injury. Savings in the order of $300 over the lifetime per guidepost are normal compared to plastic or conventional steel products.